To make Godwar a Sustainable Destination and leave an ecological foot print, without extenuating our methods to conserve

There is a nomad in all of us; the need to know and explore, what lies beyond is made easy by travel. Locomotives, planes automobiles have made the world a smaller place. Tourism is now being recognised as a major donor to planetary corruption. Pollution and waste, form every activity, is killing the earth slowly but surely and the degradation rate is only increases per second.

This common concern has made us open our eyes to sustainability and responsible hospitality travel.

  • We at Bagheera's Camp are recycling, building with waste material and try to generate the maximum by using the minimum natural resources.
  • Build Catchments.
  • Make raw fences with thorn and cactus.
  • We grow own Wheat, Maze, Veggies, Lintels.
  • We Cycle.
  • We Avoid RCC or Cement Use.
  • Fallow the Law of the Jungle.
  • Train and Guide the local communities (people of all ages). 



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Jawai Bandh, Bera Rajasthan Leopard Safari Leopard Photography Tour / Tribal and Village Cultural Photography Tour

We offer exclusive and value added services, to wildlife photographers